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The Euro Standard EN 1366-3, entitled "Fire resistance tests for service installations-Part 3, penetration seals" defines a penetration as "an aperture through a separating element for the passage of a service". A service is described as "a system to convey substance, for example a cable, conduit, pipe with or without any insulation, duct, chimney, or trunking; excluding air ventilation system, fire resistant ventilation ducts, fire resistant service ducts and shafts and smoke extraction ducts".

Euro Standard EN 1366-3 defines a penetration seal as "the system used to maintain the fire resistance of a separating element at the position where there is provision for services to pass through the separating element".

For further information related to service shafts and ducts, please refer to EN 1366: Part 5 and for linear gaps, refer to EN 1366: Part 4.