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Intumex Asia Pacific integrates an independent corporate strategy through branch offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia with a system of official distributors in economically important business centres, from New Zealand to India. In so doing, Intumex provides a unique and comprehensive range of modern fire protection board products, insulation, cladding, dry linings, ceiling tiles and professional fire science technologies.

Intumex Asia Pacific is recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of calcium silicate boards, cement-bonded particleboards and other advanced fire science systems. This expertise places the company at the cutting edge of the building, construction and fire safety industries.

The driving force behind the company is a continuing and consistent commitment to the many philosophies of technical excellence. Equally significant is a real concern with the many manifestations of materials, production, people...and a holistic interpretation of ecologically sustainable business.

The proven track record of Intumex Asia Pacific often defines a comparative benchmark for excellence in building system performance. Not surprisingly, the company works closely with British, Australian and other regional and international, standard-setting organisations. The result is a range of tried, tested and proven fire science technologies which consistently demonstrate exceptional performance characteristics for fire protection, moisture resistance, environmental hygiene, impact resistance and acoustic performance.

The fire stopping division of Intumex Asia Pacific specialises in a complete range of intumescent and fire resistant products for fire safety penetration seal applications. These include building movement joints, cables and cable bundles, doors and glazing, metal and plastic pipes, ventilation ducts and secure blast protection.